Surgery for Lung Disease - Ahmedabad Heart Hospital
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Surgery for Lung Disease

The human body has two lungs on either side of the heart. The right lung has three parts or lobes, upper, middle and lower. The left lung has an upper and lower lobe only.
The lungs are affected by numerous infective and degenerative pathologies. These diseases could cause areas of the lungs to be damaged which may require surgery for cure. The commonest cause of lung disease in India is still tuberculosis.
The areas between the lungs and the chest wall are called “Pleural Spaces”. This area often gets infected and fills with pus called an “empyema”. When this area fills up with fluid, it is called a “Pleural Effusion”. When it is filled with air, it is called a “Pneumothorax” and with blood, it is called a “Haemothorax”. These conditions need to be addressed either with drainage of the fluid/air or minimally invasive/open surgery.